Some history of Freedom Plastic Bags

In 1980, I was selling plastic bags with minimums of 25,000 + bags per run. Many customer were asking for runs from 250 to 2000 bags. The company I worked for would not be able to run that size of order and make a profit.

Turning down small run orders led to the concept of short run, fast turnaround printing on plastic and paper. We focused our business on small "Mom and Pop businesses", start-up business, organizations, religious, or medical, for conferences.

We also did bags for large corporations that needed a special run for a conference, trade show or because their main order was delayed and they needed a "fill in".

Since our start in 1980 we now sell plastic bags to every state in the United States and 8 foreign countries.

Our motto is "manipulate the schedule to try and meet everyone's needs."

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